Saturday, June 4, 2011

Collection SS1996: L'été de Loula

Toronto has been hit by a heat wave, long longed for, and I couldn't think of a better scarf to reflect the excitement than "L'été de Loula" ("Loula's Summer") - a "page" recounting, in French, Loula's desire to BECOME Summer.

The concept of an actual writing piece appealed to me instantly, and the colour combination - the predominant "ink" blue on a white background while the illustrations have a pale blue to match the darker hue - is fantastic.

This design comes as a gavroche (pocket square)-size, and anyone sporting it (whether a gentleman in the outer pocket of his jacket, or a lady around her neck, wrist or on her purse) will be the subject of a great many turning heads....


  1. Thanks for presenting the gavroche - it is lovely indeed and unknown to me. I guess it is not in the shops this season, as a part of Hermes relaunch from previous seasons? At least, I have not heard about it. Best regards, Anna

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write, Anna, I'm delighted to hear from you. As far as I am aware, this is not a reissue for Fall/Winter (A/W) 2011. My understanding is that season's gavroche collection consists of:
    *Monsieur Montre;
    *Madame Cuir;
    *Dames de Coeur;
    *Mots de Soie;
    *Le Charmante au Animaux; and,
    *The Year of the Dragon.
    I succeeded to see pictures of all and in several colour combinations each, so I anticipate to review them in the very near future, so please check back regularly.

  3. I own this Gavroche in this color.
    I sow that the Pink version was on sell at 395 USD a few years ago. An over one was at 235 USD... I don't know if they were actually sold or not.
    I also sow the pink version in a French auctions with 2 more usual Gavroche (one was Pavois) and the final price for the 3 of them was 446 euros (estimation was between 300 and 400).

    1. It is lovely - when wearing it, you can feature the illustrations, or the text - or both. Very special, indeed !