Saturday, June 11, 2011

Collection SS2005: Les Triplés

Having welcomed the summer in full force (save for a short-lived cooler period), I thought of the time of yesteryears when the arrival of June meant vacation-dreaming - destinations, activities, discoveries. It was one of the most exciting periods, at a time when life's worries were a thing for adults.

Les Triplés (The Triplets) is a children's book series that has been adapted successfully to the silver screen and - thanks to Hermes - to silk. One of the most successful designs ever produced, the illustrations depict the Triplets' adventures in Paris, featuring key identifyable monuments around town as the backdrop.

The colours are very warm, from baby pink and blue to yellow and green - a splendid harmony of colours that invite you to savour every scene in admiration and dream! 

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