Saturday, May 28, 2011

Collection FW2009: Jardins de la Nouvelle Angleterre

I fell in love with this scarf since the moment it was launched, and I'm surprised as to how I managed not to give it a place of honour in the list of beautiful scarves.

"Jardins de la Nouvelle Angleterre" ("Gardens of New England") lets you admire, as if through a lens, the beauty that the pictures landscapes display.  Looking at this landscape depicted on the scarf, I have the distinct impression I'm coming out of an expedition through the forest to an opening where life is idyllic - trees, plants, racoons, a river stream ... rich fauna and flora that coexist harmoniously with the human inhabitants. 

The scarf ties wonderfully and the colour combinations (the red, depicted above, the forest green and the taupe, below) are absolutely phenomenal !


  1. Oh, this scarf sends me into raptures ! I was hoping to acquire one in the taupe , but massive cost of shipping and taxes prevented me . I shall keep looking as I've always loved it. For me the painterly scarves especially those showing gardens and trees are the ones I love the most .

  2. I, too, love this scarf. It's so elegant, and the raccoons (especially the one drinking water) are adorable! Well done, Costinianus. Your posts are music to my ear, thank you! I can't get enough.

  3. Thank you Chiarina and Natalia, this scarf is truly beautiful, like a symphony of colours. It gives you the impression that you are there, experiencing this heavenly place yourself... What a delight!