Saturday, February 5, 2011

Collection SS2011: Ferronnerie

Last week I was talking about the nostalgia of times past, and this scarf brings to life the romanticized world of craftsmanship as we would experience it today predominantly in History books. 

The year 2011 has been dedicated by Hermes to the artisans - the passionate visionaries who invest their time in intellectual or manual tasks, finely sculpting in effect the time in effect creating something with their time.  So I couldn't think of a better ode to the creative act performed with passion, pleasure and delight than "Ferronnerie" ("ironwork").

The magic of this design stems from the beauty of the precious creations that ennobled one's life in discreet yet impactful ways; its charm stems from allowing us to realize that nowadays, the need to satisfy an increasingly large market has led to mass-production, resulting in ubiquitous yet uninspiring, mundane objects.   Repetitive work, exceedingly uncreative, means degradation - not only of human activity but also of time's significance.  Time is better wasted than enslaved and left to shrivel with each day's repetitions.

Real work involves the mind and the entire body, leaving behind wrought iron hinges born of inspiration, contributing to culture and bearing witness to the passion that went into their creation.  And how glorious these finely sculpted creations are, and how precious was the time spent creating them !  That's likely because every artist is the parent of what he/she does, not only metaphorically but also viscerally.

This scarf is a successful reissue from 1970 in the smaller format (70cm).  The colour combinations in this pattern infuse a great deal of life and joy into the design - sentiments echoed by the presence of ribbons swirling around the edges.  Those same colour combinations also instill the vintage air into them, rendering them all the more desirable, despite the more traditional pattern.

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