Saturday, January 29, 2011

Collection SS2011: Cuirs du Désert

It hasn't been since Leigh Cooke's 2007 "In the Pocket" design that I felt so exuberant about a scarf - albeit for different reasons.  Unlike the last time, when the pattern itself was the trigger of my admiration, today's "Cuirs du désert" ("leathers of the desert") mesmerized me with the colour combinations (for only some, evidently).  Upon closer inspection of the scarf design, I was equally taken by the detail of the leather pouches, bags and wallets that surround the Touareg - both as an hymn to the artisans and as a literal reflection of the objects that identify with their owners as they become the Touaregs' companions on the long journeys.  The fringes, in particular, are depicted with a great deal of attention to the original details, and that, to me, is thoroughly impressive.

Six colour variations resonated with me so much, I was at a loss for picking the two most impactful to display here, to complete the experience.  To paraphrase a friend's reaction (in a different context), this scarf is both awesome and awful - as in the original definition ("full of awe" - the exact words originally chosen to describe Christopher Wren's St Paul's cathedral).

This scarf is a perfect successful example of reviving an original design from 1988 by reinterpreting it in colours that render the scarf contemporary.  Its central depiction - the Touareg - triggered in me a nostalgia of the origins.  Increasingly fewer people can recall the journeys that the first pioneers undertook, venturing into the unknown to find luxuries available in other parts of the world - and permitting those with a love of the unique a sublime experience and access to a world of dreams.  This quest has defined Hermès since the Maison's inception and is perhaps the chief element that resonates tremendously with me - and with all the admirers of the brand. 

So in this spirit I am dedicating this post to my friend (A) whose interest in all things beautiful and loyal patronage continues to fuel my desire to bring forth beautiful, phenomenal designs.


  1. Thank you for a new beautiful celebration of Hermes scarf designs! I really adore this design - by now I have seen only green&blue IRL; those colouring was too strong for me, but the above colourways and most of them actually are very nice. I really hope Hermes boutique will have some of those warm colourways next time when I stop by! I agree so much with your above post and enjoyed reading it (have done it many times by now, lol). The below red-white coral scarf is a perfect complement - both scarves I like at the same place, one next to other! Nice dance of colours, beautifully composed into design, isn't it all we hope to find in a scarf and in almost all clothing items?
    Looking forward to your future posts, thanks a lot for your dedicated work and time!

  2. You're most welcome Anna. A genuine pleasure sharing my insight and my sense of elegance with you (note, I didn't say "fashion" because fashion, by definition, is transitory, whereas elegance is an attitude!).

    Any questions or second opinions you may seek, I'm delighted to hear from you.

  3. I just got this scarf in green/blue. I got mixed reviews... hm. it was nice to read your post about it! thanks.

  4. ...forgot to provide a link of my post about the scarf:

  5. This scarf design is one of my favourite this season, and that's because of the colour combinations. I therefore congratulate you, Julia, for your selection and for your taste. Your blue/green scarf is very impactful and I can only imagine how well it complements you. One approach to increasing the joy out of a scarf is to try different ways of wearing it. I anticipate that you are aware of various knots you could sport the scarf. Give it a try and let me know whether you still have doubts about it. And feel free to post more pictures of YOU wearing the scarf.... You'll be surprised how well YOU will find the scarf looks on you. And thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I'm thrilled to welcome you both as a visitor and a new fan :o)