Saturday, August 21, 2010

Collection FW2006: Touch Me

This is a very interesting scarf, not only for the effect it has on those who seek its meaning, but also for the way it is built - the manner in which the effect was realized.

"Touch Me" is appropriately inviting the admirer not only to take note of what the design conveys, but also - or even more so - to reach out and feel the scarf.  The design depicts a pattern that is - indeed - fur (or at least fur-looking).  The effect is so powerful, in fact, that you'd be tempted to see what touching the scarf would feel like.

Upon closer inspection, however, you notice that what you took to look like fur is nothing but meticulous hand drawings, similar to the ones we "tried" our hands at, when we discovered the wonderous pencils (or crayons). 

I'm not sure what this scarf would look like around someone's neck - but I can only fancy it would look both elegant and intriguing, and awfully warm!

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