Saturday, August 14, 2010

Collection FW2010: La Vie du Grand Nord

La vie du grand nord ("Life at the Great North") is a tribute to the spectacular life, its struggle and its beauty against immaculate surroundings, at the Pole. 

The scarf has been imagined as independent scenes surrounded by "naive" drawings of iconic mamals of the area - reindeer (also known as the caribou in North America), whales, walruses and seals - that bring the story to a harmonious close (this design reminds me of the Pani la Shar Pawnee design, similarly constructed).  The inner square depicts, as the focal point, a creation whose four white arms, like four tree trunks, spread in the four "corners" of the universe - perhaps a hyperbole for the source of life - each ending with a rich tree root.

Aline Honore designed this scarf and Hermes launched in 2004/2005; the image depicted below is part of the reissued series (belonging to the Winter 2010 collection), in different colour combinations (the one below is absolutely stunning, the kind of design that takes your breath away).

When knotted, the scarf does not appear as gloriously as when displayed, for the leaf motif, depicted in every corner, is a very abstract element that prominently displays when the scarf is knotted, thereby taking away from the glimpses of true North life that the scarf features in the middle - and which, in fact, not only make for the beauty of it, but also acts as the element of the design that gave the scarf its name; yet, I ancitipate that this will become a very admired and beloved scarf, particularly for those fashion-sensible ladies (and sophisticated gents?) who recognize that true success depends only on taking chances - in fashion as in life.

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