Saturday, August 28, 2010

Collection FW2007: Projets Carrés

One of the more thought-provoking designs of the recent past is "Projets Carrés" ("Projects Square(d)"), launched as part of the FW 2008 Collection (my inspiration came from some ads I noticed posted around downtown Toronto, while riding my bike (I almost fell off my bike in fact seeing those pictures).

The composition is deceptively simple, featuring elements of the horse harness, most presented if not in pairs, at least symmetrically - stirrups, bits, straps - while select elements are on their own, such as a comb and (possibly a hip) strap).  Yet the apparent "disorder" in which they are presented triggers a feeling of abundance.  This richness is further enhanced by the alternation of the materials these objects are made of - leather and metal - two elements (one organic, one inorganic) that create a certain tension between them (the leather pieces make me think of objects of fetish, which, in combination with the whips, are meant to trigger the viewer's curiosity, sense of intrigue and overall admiration for the design).

What I particularly admire about this scarf are two aspects: one has to do with the very vibrant colour combinations (depicted is the anis green/olive green/brown/gray/copper orange; another design I recently remarked featured a white background against which the same elements are rendered in bright - almost "Valentino" - red).  The second aspect has to do with the depiction of the border on the scarf: by way of "inserting" faint white "spots" within the solid border, the eye detects a textured fabric framing the objects captured inside.  So powerful is the impression, in fact, that I, along with everyone I knew, felt tempted to touch it to believe my eyes (to the touch, that portion of the silk feels the same as the rest of the scarf).  The impression of textured canvas serves as a great base onto which the depicted objects appear as if they are three dimensional (sensation triggered in part by the manner in which the strap, in the lower part of the composition, comes outside the border ever so delicately).

I get many questions about who could wear a certain model - or rather, what does the model best evoke.  I'm happy to suggest that this pattern is very young, and even edgy.  Indeed, a great design, one that appears equally beautiful when the scarf is knotted as when it is displayed.  So wear it with confidence and you'll appear magnificent !  I, for one, have loved this scarf ever since it came out for the design is equally stirring and intriguing.


  1. Hello - I check in fairly regularly as I so enjoy your observations and comments. I too particularly like the anise CW of this design. Thank you for sharing.It's nice to have someone based here in TO. Maisie

  2. Hello Maisie,

    It's wonderful to read your comments, thank you! I, too, love this design - hence my commitment to include it in my "favourites" list, so I'm glad we share this point of view. Let me know if you want to grab a coffee (next to a "petit carre" of chocolate) and we can exchange more impressions about the designs.

  3. Good Morning Costinianus! It seems we share other genres. I finally saw the film of Memoirs and it is stunning!!! I read the book and also Liza Dalby's many years ago. So much of her book is found in AG's Memoirs and I was thrilled to have it confirmed LD was the consultant for the film. A coffe avec un "petit carre" du chocolat sounds lovely. I live in the GTA and do come in from time to time so I'll let you know. I am always interested in broadenng my knowledge base of all things which inspire me. Maisie

  4. Hi Maisie,

    I've been away and only now returned, so I'm eagerly catching up on my posts - and, more importantly, on the visitors' comments - so I'm happy to hear you're close by (relatively speaking). Do let me know when you're planning on being in the downtown area, and perhaps we can coordinate our schedules to meet. It would be lovely to meet and exchange impressions, describe our favourites and imagine what other designs will make us want to own a piece of silk "parfait" "a la H" lol.