Saturday, August 7, 2010

Collection FW2010: Ex-Libris en Camouflage

"Ex-libris" is a Latin phrase that means "from the books" (often used to indicate ownership of the book).  This scarf pays tribute to the very symbol of the Maison, the carriage, the splendid horse and the groom.  Legend has it that Emile Hermes chose this design as his personal "signature stamp" on every book he owned, when he decided to bind each one in the same leather cover.

The design proved so successful and influential, it proved the inspiration behind the House's emblem because it best captures - and encompasses - the essence (and raison d'etre) of Hermes.  

The camouflage, artfully obtained by countless silhouettes of galloping horses, adds a contemporary feel to this otherwise timeless symbol.  Once I recognized the overall pattern, I laid my eyes on the focal point of this scarf, the "H", above which the unmistakable "duc" (the elegant calash), the groom in livery attending to the horse, and the noble horse itself, stationary, dreaming of mad careerings...

I find this particular pattern sublime, for its vibrant, unconventional colours infuse tremendous energy into the scarf, rendering it not only contemporary, but uniquely timeless.  As only select patterns succeed, it displays as beautifully as it appears knotted.  This scarf is a definite "hit".
The shot below, featuring this pattern, was chosen to represent this season's collection.  Wonderfully conceived and skillfully depicting the scarf, this add equally intrigues and mesmerizes the admirer.

Back in May 2010, Martha Stewart decided to invite Hermes' North American President, Bob Chavez to her show (accompanied by scarf specialist Susie diCecco, the House's aesthete in charge of artistic displays of scarves).  Martha, in her characteristic style boasting about how many scarves she bought as well as received over the years, was wearing this scarf in brown, appearing to have received it as a gift right before the show.  Needless to say, it was impactful yet discreet (and utterly elegant) - the perfect accessory.


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  2. I tried these on, the orange is indeed phenomenal, and the blue very chic - mature but also young at heart. Love it!

  3. I just bought the orange one on Saturday. Luv it!

  4. i'm a little late in responding, but yay!!!! I hope you'll enjoy it to the maximum.

  5. Aloha! I just found the orange one (hermes-paris ex libris en camouflage) in my storage unit I was cleaning which had some Items left from when I owned a top 3 auction company here in Hawaii where I liquidated many billionaire estates, including the Rothschild's Estate in Kailua. I purchased items of value from the owners and keep them for myself or late wife. Any clue what this would be worth in new condition? And also if you don't mind can you please give me a hint where I could sell it for the best price to an end user? Thank you in advance for your time and attention. Live Aloha, Paul