Saturday, May 8, 2010

Collection SS2010: Lilanga

Featuring a fantasy design, this scarf took its name from the Tanzanian artist George Lilanga whose claim to fame were the paintings realized in the same style, featuring local village folk attending to various activities in their daily lives, portrayed in humourously with large ears, elastic and contorsioned legs and otherwise simplified facial expressions.  These stylized figures and abstract splashes of colour alternate, to instill a movement uniquely captured by this design.  Lilanga is thought to have painted his characters to reflection the image that he retained from his own years in primary and secondary school, years marked by a vivid happiness. 

The story of this scarf is equally fascinating.  Hermes Art Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas felt inspired to transpose Lilanga's paintings on silk following the former's encounter with Jean Pigozzi, the famous contemporary African art collector whose collection includes artwork by Lilanga and who has taken an interest not only in the discovery and conservation of African art, but also in the making process. 

Of interest about this particular design is how balanced the entire scene appears, despite the busy patterns, given by both shapes and colours.  Ideal for those who could rely on a cartoon-like pattern to enhance their beauty and - more importantly - complement their personality.

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