Saturday, May 15, 2010

Collection SS2010: H comme Histoires

The concept behind this scarf has been the ubiquituous designs found on older, leather-bound story books, so rare yet so dear to children and parents alike.  Glacing over such sophisticated lettering carries my thought to the excitement that every child experiences upon seeing the parent, grandparent or otherwise the special person holding a story book, ready to enchant the little ones with the searches, voyages, free spirit, bravery and gentleness of heroes of times past.

My fascination with this design stems from the illusion of (time) traveling that this pattern induces - as my eyes glance over the entire scarf, from the lower half of the design (which is the focal point on the scarf) across its upper part, I perceive the design as one of those images associated with the sensation of gliding over territory from an airplane, or more appropriately a time capsule, at ever increasing speeds.  The horizontal lines, reminiscent of the lines across a musical partition, send the viewer on a journey to the right of the book cover, expecting the reader to uncover the pages and dive into the fascinating worlds hidden beneath.

The scarf ties surprisingly gracefully, with its pattern showing only discreet elements of its design.  Really wonderful !

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