Saturday, December 13, 2008

Collection SS2000: Chaque Rencontre Est Unique

I came across this design from 2000 and was captivated instantly by its beauty, simplicity, exquisite details, symbolism and its ability to capture - and express - the individuality of the Japanese spirit.

"Every Meeting is Unique" is a tribute to the people, animals and to a certain extent, the things that we come across. The upper and lower sides of the scarf depict a meeting, possibly between two individuals, possibly between four. Of equal interest are the pairs of cranes, symbolic of Japan, that are united through a magic dance and whose shapes (another allusion to the Japanese art of shadow theatre) are graciously reflected opposite them.

The composition is classically "solar", with the focal point drawn in the middle of the scarf from which emanate towards the edges of the scarf, like sun rays, the elements of the design.  This style of drawing has been the foundation of the original Hermes design; the landscape, the Arabesque, have been successfully explored only in the more recent history.
I continue to be mesmerized by the beauty of this scarf, and the rich meaning its title and its design carry.

I dedicate this scarf to all those who have crossed my path in life, indeed, I dedicate this to all my friendships and also those encounters that, despite our wish, had an immediate unexpected effect on us yet which served to teach us powerful lessons for the many years to come.

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