Saturday, December 6, 2008

Collection FW2007: Cheval de Caractère

Soon I'll celebrate my birthday, and so it's only natural that I speak of scarf that depicts a remarkable animal, admired and respected the world over, whose relationship with the human being has flourished over the years, yet now is to be found in only a handful of places (such as the countryside): the noble horse!

The image of the horse in "Cheval de caractère" ("Horse of Character" - the title bears a double entendre, as "character" in French refers to printed letters) is rendered by the shapes and shades of the five letters that make up "Hermes".  They repeat along lines across the entire scarf.  This particular orange is very vibrant and balances very nicely the more "mature" design. A spectacular sensorial feast.

I find this design particularly impactful for the image it reveals on close inspection (or rather per ensemble, or "from awar") - and thereby likely hidden to the uninitiated eye.  I find it equally elegant for the sophistication of the pattern - no longer individual objects, but a series of letters.

Since I started the blog, I seldom came across instances where this scarf became available for sale - but never in this colour combination, which is a strong testament to it appeal.


  1. this one is one of my favourites. and I love the orange! tres hermes!

  2. I, too, love this design, although not all colour combinations are as appealing as this one in soft orange. I had an opportunity to check out the ones with baby blue background (brown letters), purple (baby blue letters), dark brown (baby blue letters) and black (cream letters) and they all struck me as too severe...

  3. this one, this is the scarf that represents you!!!