Saturday, January 9, 2010

Feux du Ciel

I must confess, I had disregarded this design at first, likely because of the colour combination of the scarf that I first came across, yet as I discovered other colours, I realized that there was a certain passion and harmony intrinsic in this design.

"Feux du ciel" ("Sky Fires") depicts fireworks - or even comets whose incandescent tails leave trails of fire behind them - against a starry night. The viewer appears to be drawn into the unknown with a great deal of anticipation for the object - or person - that is about to appear, born from the "fire" that several such objects, taking center stage, create. So after a second review, I recognized the intensity of the image and the passion it triggers.

This pattern was first issued in 2000/2001 - in both silk and cashmere/silk combination, and again in 2003/2004.

While I haven't seen this scarf knotted, I anticipate it renders the scarf stunning - particularly when the contrasting colours are revealed (or hidden) in a knot.


  1. It reminds me of Van Gogh's painting I don't remember the name but it's fammous one, a night one

  2. starry night, I think it's called - indeed ! Well done ;o)