Saturday, January 24, 2009

Collection FW2005: Les sources de la Vie

"Les sources de la vie" ("Sources of life") is an appropriate name for the scarf that pays tribute to the impact that water has on the humanity and its prosperity.

This scarf was designed by Fred Rawyler and issued as part of the Maison's Fall/Winter 2005 collection, dedicated to the "water" theme.  It is a very simple concept - it lists the names of some of the largest rivers in the world followed by the countries these rivers cross and their lengths, in a long series that snails around, starting in the center of the scarf and working its way outwards, like a river that carves its way into the ground until it finds another body of water to join. While I don't find the actual pattern particularly appealing, I do find the theme and the concept quite innovative - hence my desire to mention it in this Costinianus "hall of fame".

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