Saturday, January 31, 2009

Collection FW2008: Fantaisie Pittoresque

The Winter has begun, and to take our minds off the snow and the cold, I thought I'd tap into the 2008 Fall/Winter collection (which I haven't explored yet) to feature a fantastic universe that I used to imagine as a child, by the fireplace in the countryside, when my grandfather told me stories to make the time flow quicker, and to put me to bed - fantastic stories which I believed wholeheartedly.

With this scarf, the artist, engraver and landscape architect who worked on Leila Menchari's window displays sweeps us away into a world of 18th century gardens. In these gardens - reminiscent of the "Desert de Retz" in Chambourcy, the "Bagatelle" Gardens in the "Bois de Boulogne", the "Monceau" Gardens in Paris and the "Kew and Stowe" Gardens in Great Britain - plants (whether untended or highly manicured) serve as a showcase for architectural delights including "follies" - or sophisticated - ornamental pavilions, "ancient ruins", columns, temples, arbours, grottos or arches.

In the spirit of a mysterious, fairy-tale forest filled with fantasy, "Fantaisie Pittoresque" overflows with lush, green plants. Leaf festoons and intertwining roots outline individual rooms brimming with vegetation; a series of peaceful, timeless places without the slightest trace of human intervention. An immense sense of peace and a very unique silence reign over all. With this scarf, the artist extends an invitation to stroll through his imaginary garden, to fall deep into thought and to dream - in order to reconnect with the elements, with the world of plants and minerals.

I find this design very traditional, appealing to someone with a taste for more classic creations, and the sepia colour of this design is lovely.

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