Saturday, January 17, 2009

Collection FW2007: Jardins d'Hiver

This Christmas I received the most unexpected gift: a visit from a very dear friend of mine, from France, who was en route to New York via Toronto when many US-bound flights were grounded due to safety and security concerns in the air. So seeing him, after so many years, and indulging him in tourist activities was like a garden that blossoms following a long process of cultivation. "Jardins d'hiver" (winter gardens") captures beautiful this feeling, depicting seven gardens around the world that enchant the visitor with sights, aromas and sounds, reminding us of the majesty and beauty of nature. Created by Annie Faivre as issued in 2007/2008, this scarf illustrates artistic compositions with details from seven distinct gardens: the mythical Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a medieval labyrinth of topiaries, the gardens of the Villa Borghese in Rome, the Majorelle in Marrakesh; the Alhambra in Grenada (Spain), the Taj Mahal gardens and finally the Heian Garden in Kyoto.

It is a very gracious scarf that wears absolutely beautifully, and when it evoques such strong sentiments, it has an even stronger impact.

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  1. it's gorgeous, I like the color the way the pattern and the colors blend it's beautiful