Saturday, January 10, 2009

Collection FW2007: Fleurs d'hiver

Today I woke up to a snow-covered city (or at least neighbourhood) and I remembered how pretty - pure, immaculate and simply beautiful - the snow makes everything appear, covering all the dirt and giving one the illusion that everything is indeed pure. Today's post marks the beginning of a series of scarves dedicated to the season and holiday spirit. I took a liking to this scarf a while back, and while I never played with the scarf itself, it never ceases to exude a fairy-tale feeling; in addition, it ties beautifully and would make a fabulous accessory for those who believe in discreet impact. The name - "fleurs d'hiver" ("winter flowers") suggests the delicate flower-like shapes of snow flakes. The pattern is pretty geometric - suggestive of the science behind the perfect appearance of snow flakes, adorned with rain-deer, flowers and naturally snow flakes.

This particular colour design is interesting for the brown hues it uses, although the black border is too severe for me and definitely tones down the uplifting induced by the theme or season. There is, however, a palpable harmony in this design that really caught my eye. Perhaps a little tradition due to its geometric sequences, but definitely wonderful.

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  1. very nice, I don't relate that much to the holiday season, I find it more autumn appropriate, indeed nice and must look great knotted