Saturday, January 3, 2009

Collection SS2004: Cheval Surprise

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I thought it wise to start the year with a scarf that echoes the wonderful display of fireworks that celebrate an accomplishment or mark new beginnings.

I took note of this scarf when it was first released, several years back, without understanding the significance of its title, or the intrinsic message of the design. Since I channeled my passion for scarves and my energy to understand and share the beauty of each, I paid closer attention to this scarf and realized how fascinating the design actually is. On closer inspection the ink-blot design, remiscent of Jackson Pollock's creations, reveals horses, horseback riders, carriages and drivers - each one in a dynamic pose (check each corner, plus the areas between them). The author is the very talented Dimitri Rybaltchenko, the son of another designer in the service of Hermes, Vladimir Rybaltchenko (who is connected by marriage to yet another one of Hermes famous designers, Phillipe Ledoux).

A true visual feast, which I'm only too happy to have added to my modest collection (in the gavroche size), thanks to a kind and sensible person in my favourite country, Japan, who since became a close friend. Thank you MF-san !

So here's to the hope a new year brings and to new beginnings !!


  1. it's wonderful and so much different than the classic hermes

  2. thank you ! i'm planning on framing it, it's too delicate to handle, if even periodically. It's the first-ever scarf that features a white background, and it strikes me as to how pure, delicate, sensual and refined it is. Fabulous piece of art !

  3. am not big on the white background, but it's nice, the orange is lovely

  4. I really like this scarf framed on your wall (although I still don't understand why you placed the clock behind the door instead). Very interesting, the design