Saturday, August 22, 2009

City Travel Series. Collection SS2007: De Passage à Tokyo

Dreamers of far-away lands were treated to another surprise in 2007, a visit through Tokyo.
I am particularly excited about this design as I have had the privilege of not only experiencing first-hand the city, but also immersing myself in it and living every moment in Tokyo fully. The previous stamp-like design has been abandoned in favour of a postcard-like illustration of the enchanting buildings, slim skyscrapers that spruce vigorously towards the sky and make for an urban "labyrinth" - artfully depicted in the design. In the upper right corner the visitor can identify the Hermes boutique in Ginza, with its horse rider (affectionately called "l'artificier") atop flying two of the Maison's flags (typically designs of the current scarf collection). Of particular interest is the way the design allows for a spectacular knot, with the vertical banner prominently displaying right on top of the knot. The design, overall, is very stirring and engaging, and when knotted, the scarf displays very architecturally - a definite contemporary design for daring beauty-lovers.
P.S. I recently saw a very similar design, called "de passage à Ginza", which I suspect is a limited-edition scarf designed exclusively for the Ginza boutique.

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  1. it's beautiful and the pink I love it!
    I must say I am not particulary fond of the way it looks knotted because the logo and brand name are so visible.