Saturday, November 15, 2008

Collection SS2006: Les Jardins d'Andalousie

This is the first scarf design that I remember coming across, as a younger adult, and by the time I could afford one, many years later, the actual scarf was no longer available, so needless to say that while I don't possess one (yet?), I still find it splendid and simply spectacular - the richness of the design carries me to the Andalusian hills and the fascination of everything beautiful that Spain has to offer - above all, the vivacious spirit. I love the sensation, felt by the admirer, to be on a patio, likely at the cover of the shade, gazing beyond the supporting columns to admire the landscape - possibly orchards, the surrounding hills and the stream of water.

I also love the fruit - pomegranates and lemons - that bring so much colour and life to the design. Under normal circumstances, I would have considered this pattern too busy, but there's something about it - perhaps the harmony between the apparent fruit basket in contrast with the geometric pattern along the edge (reminiscent of the Maurish architectural influences), or just the colour combination - that makes it very rich, very voluptuous, very passionate.... and so elegant !

A definite statement of absolute sophistication !

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