Saturday, November 8, 2008

Collection SS2007: Belles du Mexique

One of the most striking designs I have ever come across, "Belles du Mexique" ("the Beauties of Mexico") is yet another ode to the effervescence of the Mexican culture, as so vivaciously expressed by the fiestas.  Indeed, this scarf is a celebration of the serenading music, dynamic dancing, rich display of costumes and of the Mexican people (in here, predominantly women) who feast the eyes of the admirers with their skills and beauty.

A first glance suggests circles lined up along the scarf edges in orderly fashion; yet, on closer inspection, we recognize that every apparent "circle" depicts, in fact, a Mexican dancer's dress, in full swirling motion.  The focal point of the scarf depicts - perhaps - THE most beautiful dancer, surrounded by four Mexican gents serenading her.  

The border is made up of  a geometric pattern that adds a harmonious balance to this otherwise playful and very dynamic design.  The careful use of colours adds dynamism and playfullness as well.  By far one of my most favourite designs, this scarf is a true fiesta for anyone wearing it, traditionally, around the neck, on the shoulders or as a waistband.  You are sure to turn heads !


  1. I love the stories behind the scarves!
    However, as a scarf, I must say this is not one of my favourites

  2. this is one of the most popular and sought-after designs Hermes has ever created. it continues to achieve record prices during private sales.