Saturday, August 30, 2008

Collection FW2004: Fêtes Vénitiennes

At the same time that I fell in love with the first scarf, I identified another one that caught my eye, less for the overall design and more for the colour combination and the Venetian masks.

Originally released under the "Carnaval de Venice" ("Venice Carnival"), "Fetes Venitiennes" ("Venetian Feasts") is a reissue on a distinct fabric - the jacquard silk, renowned for the technique of weaving a pattern within the fabric that renders the material distinctly unique and considerably more valuable.

The design features participants to the Venetian carnival, dressed in period costumes. Of particular interest are the background colours of the expanded center around the middle: each group of characters is depicted against a background colour that is repeated in the next group, immediately to the left, underneath the characters (forming a triangle against which the masks are placed).

The scarf is absolutely stunning, a splendid display of artistic acumen, attention to detail and harmonious combination of colours and shapes. The autumnal colours are yet another aspect that renders this scarf superb.

I noticed this scarf in 2005, yet only more recently did I become aware of the designer - Hubert de Watrigant - a talented and accomplished artist in his own right, whose paintings continue to inspire audiences the world over. His specialization is in horses, bulls and hounds, and many museums (including the "Living Horse Museum" in Chantilly, France) feature his creations. It is him behind the "Plaza de toros" design, as well as the "Ballet equestre" and "Feria de Seville" (more on these later).

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  1. it actually reminds me more of Spain than of Venice! Very dynamic and "agressive" this one.