Saturday, September 6, 2008

Collection SS2005: Des fleurs pour le dire

The third design that mesmerized me is a model by a very talented designer in the service of Hermes, Leigh P. Cooke. To my embarrassment, I don't know whether the designer is a "he" or a "she" (I suspect a "he"), and haven't been able to resolve this dilemma neither with the use of the internet, nor with the help of the sales staff at Hermes. Nevertheless, while I continue to be hopeful that one day I'll not only find out but also get to know more about him/her, I continue to treasure the wonderful designs that this person creates. This one, entitled "Des fleurs pour le dire" ("Say It with Flowers") is both impactful and very playful. I got a glance at this one after my trip to Asia in 2007 (I had traveled as a school ambassador to teach business courses at a university in Shanghai, then after this 2-month engagement I visited Beijing, followed by Hong Kong, and when I came across this scarf, I was enroute to Tokyo). As I frequently do, when I come across an object I instantly think of someone in my life who would not only enjoy it, but whom the object would fit "like a glove". So I saw this one and instantly thought of my grandmother, who lives in Romania and thought it would be perfect as the design depicts flowers bursting out of envelopes and we - my Grandma and I - keep in touch by letters regularly. I'll look for another picture where that depicts the contrast better, to illustrate the design in all its splendour !

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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if you have solved the Leigh Cooke gender issue, but I can confirm he is male. He is a really incredible man with many fascinating stories about his life, and obviously he is truely talanted! I am lucky enough to have met Leigh quite a few times and he is one of the nicest, kindest and most generous men I have ever met. He really is an inspiration... I could sit for hours listening to him and his stories behind each and every scarf.
    good blog x