Saturday, April 16, 2011

Collection SS2011: L'alphabet des métiers

A memorable scarf that takes us on a nostalgia path to our childhood and rekindles the passion each of us had for collecting - stamps, rocks, hats, airplane models, and (naturally) cards.  As a tribute both to our childhood pastime and to the artisans (the theme of this year's collection), Hermes has reissued "the Alphabet of Trades", illustrating the craftspeople and their trades, matching one of each for each of the twenty-four letters, such as: "Benoit is a baker" and "Pierre is a painter" (I invite you to find Hermes').

This design was launched in 1945, and reissued in 1991 before this year's three more colour combinations.

This design renders the scarf a little traditional, although the many ways of wearing it can easily make is as contemporary as any other.

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