Saturday, April 23, 2011

Collection SS2011: La Ronde de Jockeys

A lovely design originally released under the "Ascot 1831" name in 1969 before being reissued once before (AW2004) under its current "Jockeys Round" name. It illustrates twelve mounted jockeys transposed in such a way as to fit within a circle.

I was drawn to this design by the very bright and vibrant colours that infuse a very young spirit into this traditional pattern (take, for instance, t
he knotted scarf below, whose baby blue and orange - one of my favourite combinations - give a young vibe despite the traditional pattern featured in each of the four corners).


  1. Hi, was the orange La Ronde de Jockey scarf in orange and blue from 2010 collection? I cannot seem to find it on the website. Any help would be appreciated as the store in Paris were not to helpful and I would love to add it to my collection. Many thanks

  2. Hello, the orange and baby blue design you see posted above is actually from the 2011 collection. There are a couple of venues you may choose to explore in obtaining it: you may make an inquiry through a local Hermes boutique - they normally will ask the Paris head office to search for that particular design and they will advise you whether they were successful in locating it or not. If they did, they will bring it for you. A second alternative is to search the "informal market" - friends, eBay, etc. One reliable source I have been trusting for a long time is "". Whether you decide to mention my name or not when writing to the owner, you'll find - I'm sure - her discriminate taste, her elegance, patience and thorough knowledge and care outstanding.

    I trust this helps. Let me know whether you had any luck please.