Saturday, June 27, 2009

Collection SS2009: Voyage en Etoffes

A scarf that equally celebrates "etoffes" ("fabrics"), this one depicts garments whose display is suggestive of bazaar merchants eager to show off all of their goods by "dressing" them on posts. "Voyage en etoffes" ("voyage in fabrics") is an ode to the world's many cultures and the material expressions of those cultures through garments. From Europe to Asia and across to North America, every society has defined a standard for high-quality fabrics - cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, to name a select few. And equally defining is the variety of patterns - uncannily common to some nations - that create a profound harmony.

Universal, garment art is an intimate expression for both men and women who aspire to look handsome. It is richly symbolic - the choice of the fabrics and the patterns speak for themselves, brandishing social status, a religious message or a ritual signature. Forever timeless yet classically fashionable.
The colour combination of this particular scarf is impactful and very vivacious, and the design carries me to the image of my dear friend for whom the potential of fabrics to transform into adorning creations is indeed limitless.

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  1. i love this one, it's gorgeous the colors and the pattern, superbe