Monday, December 7, 2009

Collection SS2005: Hola Flamenca !

Today is my birthday, and so it's only appropriate that I feature a scarf that I consider to represent me best.  At first, I picked a dip dye scarf for I thought both it and I are unconventional.  Yet, a very dear friend of mine disagreed, pointing out that its overall spirit does not encapsulate mine.  So I embarked on a search for a scarf that exudes vitality, exuberance, love of life, sophistication, and - naturally - artistry.  What came to mind is the "Hola Flamenca!" design of 2005, by Dimitri Rybaltchenko (a tremendously talented and prolific designer whose unconventional creativity often results in truely magnificent creations), and indeed, now I can say decidedly that THIS is the one !

There's something else fascinating about this scarf: its intense (yet subdued) colours, suggestive of a profound spirit, sensitive, compassionate and very generous. Definitely Costin !

I love how vibrant the design is, and how full of life the entire picture is, and how its name denotes the sensuality of the female artist displaying her grace on Andalusian rhythms. A wonderful design that shows beautifully knotted.

I would equally venture to say that this entire scarf is "bigger than life" - as I would like to be remembered - and I consider it a good reflection of me as well.

My friend has also confessed to wanting, one day, to own a dress like this one, to spread open, twirl and be drawn into its mesmerizing waves.


  1. i don't like it, it is too dark, dull, depressive even and totally inexpresive... it definitely does not represent you at all you are exhuberant and full of life. the only thing that might relate to you is the color not because it represents you but because it is one of the colors you like to wear. what would represent you would be an hermes orange scarf with a horse as a central piece which shows your dynamism exhuberance and joie de vivre. you have such a scarf posted already. sorry to disagree

  2. I love your reaction and thank you for your honesty! I will definitely look for the "Cheval de caractere" in orange to sport at the next opera LOL