Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ode to Great Friendships: Fêtes Vénitiennes

We meet people from all walks of life. Some people walk into our lives and stay there for good, a few will touch our lives in profound and meaningful ways, yet others walk out of our lives never to return. It's really up to us to receive the gift that they bring us, to seize the opportunity to grow thanks to them, and to cherish the beings that we become as a result of their impact. And so it is that today I'm embarking on a series of posts dedicated to people whom I had the privilege to meet and who have had a profound influence on me - those who, no matter where they are, are always part of who I am and who I've become.

Today's post features this truly magnificent scarf, entitled "Fetes Venitiennes" ("Venetian Feasts"). Its regal appearance is obvious not only from the rich colours (suggestive of chocolate, or even of a lush treasure), but also from the material itself - the famous "Jacquard" silk - named after the inventor of the weaving loom (also named after him) that allows the creation of distinct patterns within the fabric during the weaving process. The process adds significant costs to the manufacturing, and Hermes has realized this technique became prohibitively expensive even for the discriminating customers, so it stopped production and with this decision, all scarves printed on Jacquard silk became even greater rarities. The topic, in itself - the Carnival of Venice - is brought to life by Hubert de Watrigant, a renowned artist who created many other designs for the House. It evokes people's celebration of this annual traditional event, some dressed up in costumes, as well as the admirers' appreciation for the Venetian masks (another symbol of the carnival).

And I'm thrilled at the opportunity to link this scarf to one of my dearest friends who has enriched my life beyond her wildest imagination and who continues to be a source of great inspiration and drive for me, and an exceptional role model. So through this scarf, her presence will always be with me - to guide me and to provide comfort to me. Because just like this scarf, our friendship is rich, profound and very meaningful - and, above all, she's as regal distinguished and rare as the Venetian Feasts !

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