Saturday, October 25, 2008

Collection FW2008: Attrapes tes rèves

Native Americans believe that dreams, good and bad, travel through the room, in the silence of the night, before they reach those who sleep. So a round web-like creation (bound with thin leather stripes and hung above the bed) can attract and "catch" the bad dreams and nightmares, leaving the good ones "unaffected" to reach the dreamer.

This scarf, entitled "Catch Your Dreams" is a very clever interpretation and a very playful rendition of that belief. A beautiful display of colour and feel-good sensations, this scarf does not show as nice when knotted as the coloured ribbons follow the lines of the corners, suggesting a rather plain scarf. The other interesting aspect of this creation, not immediately visible in the photographs depicting the scarves with the white background, but more apparent on the brown ones, is the apparent texture of the picture, giving the distinct impressions that the ribbons are "added" to, rather than a part of, the overall scarf. Very clever, indeed.

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  1. it's beautiful and although im not a big logo fan it looks wonderful knotted