Saturday, March 13, 2010

Collection SS2010: Pelages et Camouflage

This scarf is an ode to the infinite inventiveness of Nature, to its diversity, in all its splendour, and to the most visible gift endowed upon all creatures - their "habits". Pelages et Camouflage ("Coats and camouflage") is equally a tribute to the human nature’s creative drive to mirror the beauty of nature.

From her native Africa and her imaginary travels, Aline Honoré has brought back a mosaic of the sumptuous, the exuberant and the wild. This scarf is a patchwork mixing up these treasures of primitive prints, sewn together and embellished with necklaces of Massai pearls in between, from Senegal and from Ethiopia, a Peul wall-hanging, fabrics from Ghana, Zaire, Mali and craft embroidery. Among all these protective disguises, notice that of the imaginary animal, marked by H’s, taking cover among the rest.

A truly magnificent scarf that ties wonderfully as it displays with impact and class.

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