Saturday, February 27, 2010

Collection SS2010: Brides Rebelles

Another design that I found appealing is the "Brides Rebelles" ("rebellious bridles"), depicting multiple pieces of the horse's harness in an apparent disorderly state. The appeal stems from the pattern's apparent harmony in spite of the "disorderly" hardware.  More, there's a certain tension surrounding this creation - tension given by the connotation of straps suggested by the envelopping leather bridles (with a strong fetish undertone).  Yet, the image is mysteriously balanced thanks to the loose ends that succeed in dissipating such potential tension.

The inspiration for this design came from a photograph of actual headstalls, manufactured by the House for the Polish Earl Zapotosky.  These very briddles were the subject of very fond correspondence between the 4th Hermes president, Robert Dumas, and the curators of the Royal Castle National Museum in Warsaw. 

The actual briddles had been laid on the ground and photographed, from which the actual drawing was realized.  Of note are the family crests on the hardware, discreetly and elegantly displayed.

The casual tone of this scarf, as well as its "non-conformist" colour combinations of the pattern, are equally appealing.  The ones featured here offer a good glipse (mustard yellow as the predominant background, above, and the taupe for the knotted one, below, are only two of the variety of colours that enchant the eye) into the youthfulness of the pattern.

A true ingenious design that attains harmony by depicting elements in no apparent order - one that is likely to become an instant hit with the collectors and admirers alike. Fantastic !

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