Saturday, March 20, 2010

Collection SS2010: La Légende du Poisson Corail

This design, entitled “La Légende du poisson corail” (“the legend of the coral”) is a tribute to the very fragile universe created by corals – veritable marine oases where countless species of fish and plants find shelter from the dangers of their mysterious universe – and fertile ground to flourish.

The design features a coral reef, encircled by a prominent ring, mirroring that of a coral atoll. The richness of the surrounding universe – and that within – is represented by the colourful impressionist brush strokes, suggestive of the shimmerings of the water. At the centre, the fish, adopting camouflaged costumes to merge with the surroundings, took refuge among the corals to escape predators. Bars, streaks, diamond-shapes … mimicry blends with fantasy to create a magic world. At each of the corners of the carré, stylized flying fish symbolize the harmony between the heavens and the world below the waves.

This design strikes me for its resemblance to "De Madras à Zakynthos", despite the two different artists. The design is quite effervescent, with most of the design colours quite vibrant and contrasting, so it takes an equally powerful personality to pull it off.

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