Saturday, September 19, 2009

Collection SS2006: Les Jardins d'Andalousie

A true gem in the collection, this scarf, depicting "Les Jardins d'Andalousie" (Andalusian Gardens, by Aline Honoré) is as rich and as beautiful as the view of the Spanish landscapes (and a wonderful reflection of the Spanish culture).

This scarf, featuring hues of dark gold and brown, puts into evidence - more than any other colour variations - the richness of harvests local to the area - lemons, pomegranates and jasmin.  So I thought it best to mark the beginning of the Fall with a tribute to the hard work dedicated by countless people to the land.

The design is superbly intricate, suggestive of the Maurish architecture (illustrated by the cloister arches). The middle, depicting the scarf's title laced in "stone", is surrounded by a blast of colour and life, similar to a the impression given by descovering a basket of ripe fruit in the fall, while the geometric border, in hues of red, green, yellow and turquoise, adds a playfulness reminiscent of children's play (or one's own childhood).

A true visual feast, this design is undoubtedly the "crown jewel" of my collection. If I had to pick a single scarf as my all-time favourite, this would be it !


  1. This one is also very nice although I can't imagine myself wearing it. I believe the Hermes scarves are so nice that they should actually be framed and hanged and not worn... the pattern is lost when the scarf is worn

  2. You're right, some of them are indeed exquisite, very impactful and very subtle. Really enchanting!