Saturday, September 12, 2009

Collection SS2008: A vos crayons !

Traditionally in Romania, September 15th marks the beginning of the schools year (universities and colleges begin October 1st).  So I thought it appropriate to mark the event that marks school children and parents alike with an playful design first issued in 2004/2005 and reissued in 2008, called "A vos crayons !" ("To Your Pencils!").  

This scarf brings us back to the free-spirited (and worry-free) years of childhood when our imagination knew no limits. The focal point of this design is the pencil shavings scattered in the center, while colourful crayons, in an imperfect alignment, surround them all along the edges. The playfulness is further enhanced by the many colours of the crayons, and the fact that they are in apparent scatter, most pointing towards the middle while the rest are pointing away, towards the extremities. I love this design because the two elements balance each other very harmoniously - the geometric (albeit non-parallel) rigor of the pencils is graciously embellished by the apparent disarray of the shavings. I also find this design equally stirring due to its effect when the scarf is knotted. The most impactful is the cowboy knot - the scarf, folded in half diagonally, with the corner placed in front, while the sides wrap around the neck to tie in front as well - this way, the shavings are visible while the scarf edges bring further colour without overpowering the overall design or effect.

The original Hermes ad is equally impactful, featuring a truly beautiful model whose piercing green eyes are complemented by the many colours in the crayons. Note the bolduc, which she holds with her white teeth, matching the pureness of the scarf's white background.

One similar design of this scarf, with the white background and taupe and sepia crayons with contrasting hem, sold recently for no less than USD655 on eBay - almost double its retail price of last year - setting a new record.

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  1. this is so lovely and sweet and inocent... love the concept, however i fin it a bit plain as a head scarf... still beautiful in its simplicity