Saturday, September 26, 2009

Collection FW2009: Cocottes de soie

Today I will start the review of the Hermes Fall/Winter 2009 scarf collection with one of the most impactful scarf.

My love and appreciation for Japan is captured in this marvellous design, depicting origami (folded paper) horses arranged to form a large "H". I find the orange perhaps a little too bright to wear (I am yet to see the scarf, this is a virtual rendition of the fall/winter 2009 collection), but this scarf, framed, would make a fantastic display. 

I cannot recall whether the previous "vintage-style" scarves (of which this one belongs, of 70cm x 70cm) were as "thin" as this one, but I must confess, I was really taken by how light and uncharacteristically Hermes this scarf is.  

Of interest is also the pattern along the scarf edges, where swatches of paper (or fabric), identical to the material used to make the origami horses, are in apparent disorder - the effect of this drawing approach is to infuse both balance and a sense of completeness into the design.

Despite the surprising, "vintage" feel, I absolutely adore this pattern and I stand by my belief that this scarf shows beautifully both displayed and worn.


  1. this is nice, although quite abstract... actually looks more like birds than horses
    i totally love the orange

  2. Thanks Elena Sandra, I, too, love the orange and I can totally picture this framed, facing another print I picked up in Sydney last year, with origami birds in flight. I think they'd make such a nice pair ...

  3. you should frame it and put them together