Saturday, January 2, 2016

Collection SS2016: La Marche du Zambeze


I thought I'd start right away with the first in Hermes' new spring/summer 2016 scarf collection - a new design that's meant to mesmerize you with a refreshing design, and which is sporting very fresh colours.

At the centre of La Marche du Zambeze, a majestic elephant symbolises family and power.  Around him are gathered the creatures of his kingdom, the great river lands of the Zambezi: giraffe, zebra, leopard and crocodile trace its course from the savannah to the delta marshes.  The river’s flora is silhouetted all around the composition, off-setting the rich patterns of python and crocodile skin. 

Ardmore is a collective of Zulu, Zimbabwean and Sotho artisan potters, founded by Fée Halsted in 1985, in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. 

Today, the group numbers seventy members: creative artists dedicated to reinventing traditional styles, united by their recognition of what our common humanity and fraternity truly mean – namely that we each exist thanks to others. This carré marks the beginning of a new collaboration between the collective, and the house of Hermès.

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