Saturday, January 31, 2015

Collection SS2015: Flamingo Party

A stunningly beautiful scarf, Flamingo Party explores organic themes and suggests the dance ritual that birds so gracefully perform during their mating season (Zorba's Dance is an interpretation of two storks dancing).

Pink flamingos, those huge, strangely beautiful birds, throw themselves once a year into a lengthy nuptial parade that sees them pair off, two by two… until next year. Flaunting their long, extraordinarily supple, graceful necks, their aristocratic bearing, their carefully preened wings, males and females take stock, brushing past one another, scrutinizing their potential partners for hours on end.  Surrounded by palms, orange trees and tropical flowers, their wings unfurled, in a frenzied tête-à-tête, the two birds pictured here are a celebration of their native Florida. 

America’s south-easternmost State is home to the celebrated Everglades national park, the habitat for a host of species including alligators, cougars, lynx, manatees and flamingos.

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