Saturday, November 9, 2013

Collection FW2013: Carré Cube

"Carré-cube" - a geometric design meant to draw you in and have you lost in a 3D maze of mystery and silk - or silk and cashmere, as is the case with the scarf above.

"Carré" in French means square, and the word stuck for the scarves which come in a square shape.  The name of this scarf is also a witty twist on geometry terms - squared and cubed being the measurements most often associated with surface areas and volume respectively.


  1. This is one I am considering but might see how I feel.

    Just to let you know just before you posted last week I was clearing up my google reader and I am so glad I kept you on!! Otherwise I would have missed out!

  2. This is very kind of you - thank you for your note. The pattern appears rich with the colour range limited for every scarf - but such a change can be very nice. Would love to hear back on your decision.

    1. Will do and to clarify I only hesitated keeping you on because I thought you had quit but no other reason! :)

  3. Thank you for this post and all the previous. I am so glad that you are back again. Titti

  4. That's very nice of you - thank you. I am back, in full force. Looking forward to bringing you more treasures in the near future.