Saturday, April 2, 2011

Collection SS2011: Le Pégase d'Hermès

Continuing the review of the current season's creations is "Hermes' Pegasus", a fascinating scarf that catches the admirer's eye for two reasons: first, the remarkable rendition of juxtaposed equine drawings is reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci's sketches intended to explore a subject thoroughly (and to the patron's satisfaction) before the artist began work on the actual canvas, marble or architectural construction.  As we look at this drawing, a certain anticipation builds up, making us wonder what the actual creation - which undoubtedly must exist somewhere - looks like.  This curiosity becomes our desire to learn more and to discover what intuition, inspiration, creative genius, skill and possible secrets the fruit of this passion entailed.  And the canvas' power to elicit our curiosity is the second reason this design fascinates.  The text along the four edges of the square tempts the admirer to pay attention to it, in the chance that it may reveal some of the secrets.  It is the "other" window into the artist, his intimate thoughts, possible struggles and ingenious solutions.  In a word, the writing elicits the desire to be read.

The choice of vibrant colour combinations (for the most part) renders the scarf very young and full of energy.  Select areas of the knotted scarf remind me of the "Le monde est vaste" design.  Yet the gracious lines of the drawings, unmistakably revealing a horse, assures the viewer that this design is new and deserves to be seen!


  1. Thank you for all the stories behind the scarves. I have been enjoying them for a while now.

  2. You are so kind, I'm thrilled to welcome you to my blog and equally delighted to hear that you've been enjoying my writing. It is thanks to kind, discriminate and generous people like you that my imagination grows wings and allows me to explore my memory and my experiences for relevant anecdotes. Afterall, what greater joy than to discover a design that triggers happy memories from the childhood? (of course, not all succeed in the same fashion, but each design has a story and such stories must be captured and explored!).

    Thank you again for your encouraging thoughts and I continue to hope that I will have the pleasure of your (virtual) company for many many more weeks (and years) to come!