Saturday, February 26, 2011

Collection SS2011: Ex Libris dip dye

I spoke about this design before, but I found the Maison's reinterpretation of this pattern in the dip dye variance tremendously appealing, particularly when tied

The Ex-Libris, featuring two different hues of the same colour, strikes me as utterly sophisticated and a pure joy to wear.  Its velvet-like look is an equally appealing characteristic that infuses the scarf with understated elegance.  

And to quote a beloved friend of mine, this design is awesome and also awful (as in the original definition, "full of awe" - that's the word originally chosen to describe Christopher Wren's St Paul's cathedral).

Enjoy !!

I'm seizing this opportunity to say that I shall return with my articles in three weeks from today. Keep well until then and I look forward to featuring more scarves after mid-March.

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