Saturday, December 25, 2010

Collection SS2011: Brides de Gala en Finesse

Today Christians the world over celebrate Christmas - Christ's birth.  Christmas marks a moment to reflect and believe in the possibilities of rebirth and renewal.  Christ's birth in Bethlehem, more than 2000 years ago, continues to represent a strong symbol of hope in a better future.

It is fitting, therefore, that I reveal the new Spring/Summer 2011 collection today (one carré at a time) for the new designs surely symbolize a new beginning.  And while most beginnings come about as a reaction to an event (or an artist current) of the past, I thought it more appropriate to introduce the new collection with a design that embraces the Maison's rich artistic patrimony.  Today's scarf is a reinterpretation of a 1957 design that, needless to say, proved highly popular with admirers and collectors of Hermes scarves alike: "Brides de gala en finesse".  The "core" of the scarf design, the two bridles placed next to each other as if the horses sporting them walk in tandem but "look" away from each other, are now juxtaposed on a background depicting a fantastic creation.  This background design reminds me of the lush hair of a fairytale princess from a storybook of my childhood, one that invites the reader to follow the individual hairlocks as if wandering on an unknown path, fully prepared - not as much to get "lost" but to discover just what such wanderings are about to reveal. 

At first, I believed the background pattern had been computer-generated (it reminded me of the organic patterns that artists of computer programming can obtain by applying the Fibonacci series).  A quick exchange with Florence, the gifted artist whose creation we are savouring in this post, revealed a design drawn painstakingly by hand.  I encourage you to become an explorer yourself by visiting Florence's site ( to get a complete appreciation for her creativity.

This very background embues a unique sophistication into the overall design, making the scarf much more feminine than its more simple predecessor, and thanks to the curves, both more gracious and more mysterious. 

When tied, this scarf shows truly beautifully, instilling a sense of contemporary flair to this classic and an additional layer of sophistication for the person sporting it.

The colours of this design are somewhat pastel, with a beautiful green, orange (depicted above) and indigo (below) as the most impactful for me, although each one charms in its own way.

As the last thought for today, allow me to seize this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas, and a safe and happy holiday season !


  1. hey Costinianus! ...not a computer generated pattern! it's handdrawn!

  2. Dear Florence, I'm thrilled to hear from you and grateful for your intervention to share your insight into a critical detail of this design. Thank you!

    Allow me to seize this opportunity to add my own congratulations to the many you have undoubtedly received for this design as well as for persuading Hermes to capture your spirit on a canvas, and to express my interest (and wish) to see more of the fruit of your creativity featured by Hermes, really soon.

  3. Huge congratulations from your sister... I am so proud of you and so happy that your talent is being recognised and now in the limelight by being displayed on this iconic fashion accessory, Le Carré Hermes!

    Magnifique travail ma belle

  4. I couldn't agree more. I'm currently in Rome and it is this very design that displays in every second window display of the boutique. Truly magnifique!