Saturday, November 13, 2010


In a discussion with a friend recently, I recalled my childhood's favourite pastime of collecting things - stamps, little metal cars, even empty beer cans (after the fall of the Iron Courtain, when the market had been flooded with Western beers of sorts and the aluminum cans were an all-time novelty).   Over time, the collections reflected newer interests of mine: airplane models, Italian silk ties,  writing instruments; such collections took a life on their own, got wings and reached new heights, before my interests shifted onto objects that - perhaps - held a greater value in my eyes.  Thus I began collecting other objects that will undoubtedly form a permanent presence in my life: books.  Since times immemorial (ok, I'm exaggerating), I remember my interest in reading - since I couldn't travel (travelling abroad was a luxury reserved to a select few people of privilege), I have sought refuge in the stories, adventures and dreams captured within book covers - themselves embellished with vivid pictures, depicting glimpses of the lands within, other more "mature", leather-bound and with discreet decorations of floral or geometric patterns.  My dream, in fact, is to own a great library where friends can find both sanctuary and inspiration.  Thus have some objects stayed with me for a long time, and it's very likely they will continue to enrich my existance in countless ways.

To reflect the true spirit of collections, "Flacons" ("containers") features a series of bottles used by apothecaries to hold and offer medicinal potions or beauty liquids.  Each one, in its creation, became a piece of art in itself, becoming a testament to the artists' creativity and craftsmanship.  A classic scarf that ties beautifully (while the scarf displays wonderfully, it is the knot that captures the essence of the container's beauty and mistery).

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