Saturday, September 25, 2010


The last leg of my trip was spent in Romania, the place of my birth whose name alone triggers a unique vibration for me.  For personal reasons (which I'll reserve for later posts), the trip has been full of very intense emotional experiences, and as much as I find them taxing not least because I love living and experiencing the world feelingly, I always find myself looking back with nostalgia for the place, in my heart, that is "my Romania".

I credit my own upbringing in Romania for the passion that I have been cultivating for books, in general, and for reading.  And this post is most appropriate to pay tribute to the objects in our lives that invite us to discover places and people of far-away lands without leaving the comfort of our own home.  I am definitely one of the folks who not only take refuge in the comfort of a book, but also use every opportunity to savour books published in Romanian (as an intimate part of the culture, the language is for all of us the most readily available mechanism that allows us to feel connected to our culture - and that couldn't be more true in my case).

"Bibliotèque" ("Library") depicts the treasures that we all strive to acquire in our attempt to quench the curiosity that takes hold of us from the earliest age.   

A stunning design where the pattern of select books, suggestive of covers of glorious stories, are harmoniously matched with colours that stir the viewer.  My passions for books and impeccable silk fabrics are perfectly matched in this design.

So I bid you farewell until next week, for I must hurry to shop for some new titles, which I'm only too eager to add to my own personal "biblioteque".


  1. You wrote wonderfully about books and Romania! True: with every book that I bring to Canada, there is a piece of home coming here, too.
    I like very much the scarf. With that slightly obsessive pink and with the light purple, it makes me think of dawn sun rays falling on a bookcase.
    If I were to read one of the books in this scarf-bookcase, I’d take Ornements des Voitures, for the topic and, mostly, for the elephant on the cover. That’s really postmodern :)

  2. As I am also a book lover, I have this pochette but it is from the original issue. It's one of my favorites!


  3. The more I contemplate this scarf, the more I feel tempted to reach out and - at a minimum - carress those book covers that hold, between them, so many beautiful stories, so many adventures, so many passions and dreams, and - alas - so much pain and tumult. I can just picture them in front of me, in real life, inviting me to discover their mysteries and secrets. Who doesn't love a library with such treasures ?