Saturday, October 16, 2010

Collection SS2003: Trésors du Nil

Having just arrived in London,  I embarked, on short order, on a voyage of discovery inside the British Museum, not least to experience Norman Foster's creation in the Great Court, the glass-enclosed ceiling covering the old garden, now transformed in the largest square in Europe.  But the highlights continue to be the Rosetta Stone, the engraved text of which provided the key to deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphs, as well as the other Egyptian, Asyrian and Greek artifacts (such as the Elgin marbles).

Issued in 2003, "Tresors du Nil" ("Nile Treasures") opens a fascinating window into the ancient Egyptian civilization, as we know it today from such artifacts and texts.

This scarf, just like the visit to the Museum, is spectacular not as much for what it displays, but for what it allows us to imagine.  Perhaps that is one of the most tremendous legacy such values - both cultural and philosophical - have succeeded in leaving behind.

The colour combination - particularly the crispiness of white silk's shine against the dark brown - is equally spectacular.  Although the pattern along the scarf's edge may be traditional but I'd like to think that the pattern, just like the treasures of the river Nile, are timeless.  And it's precisely because of its timelessness that this scarf can be sported by guys alike - although, if one might be concerned about the item's association with femininity, he could balance it with a pair of more rugged boots (an item distinctly masculine).

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