Saturday, July 17, 2010

Collection FW2010: The Rhythm of China

Back in early January, I featured a design, called "Hermès en voyage", inspired by artist Ding Yi's work.  This fall/winter design "Rhythms of China" is a very close interpretation of the artist's creations (one in particular springs to mind, namely 2003's "Appearance of crosses - 12" for instance).  On closer inspection, the individual "pixels" are in fact delicate snow flake-like stars, forming a tight web of equal harmony and vibrant energy.  When knotted, the dynamism of the pattern becomes not only visible, but also much more impactful.  A very contemporary scarf suited for young stylish and mature sophisticated ladies alike.  

An interesting detail about this scarf: it was launched in China by the Maison several years ago, and featured in an exhibit organized in September 2007 in Shanghai at the Shanghai Art Museum to mark 70 years from the launch of the first scarf, and 10 years of the Maison catering to the Chinese clientèle through local boutiques.

Regardless of when this design was released, this scarf is thoroughly impressive !


  1. Dear CC, Thankyou for bringing a marvellous dimension to the glamour of what is certainly "wearable art." To the visual arts, you bring the virtuosity of a jazz artist. I celebrate you. Terese

  2. Dear Terese,

    I appreciate your kind comments and I'm grateful. Thank you ! I equally appreciate your admiration for this scarf, which is indeed spectacular when featured as part of a complete outfit. When a beautiful design (displayed across a wall or a floor) creates an equally magic effect when worn, that is true art. And some of us have the wonderful privilege of enjoying such art up close, and making it personal.

    I'm extending to you a warm welcome to my site and I look forward to enjoying your visits and your impressions for many more issues to come.