Saturday, April 3, 2010

Collection SS2010: Sur les Rives du Léman

This scarf pays tribute to the remarkable Lake Geneva and, in particular, to the memorable times visitors and locals alike are inspired to have.  Lake Leman (the French name of Lake Geneva, whose shores are shared by Swiss and French) has been a symbol of high-life, of an oasis and of an unperturbed atmosphere whose waters are crystal-clear (as a testament to the care about the environment and the high standards of quality adopted by Swiss and French alike).

"Sur les rives du Leman" ("On the shores of Lake Leman") has been realized in the impressionist style, with silhouettes in lieu of picture-clear depictions of people - just as someone would remember after years following a particular event.  The sail, forming the focal point of the scarf, may also be suggestive of the "jet d'eau", the large fountain and one of the City of Geneva's most famous landmarks, that jets from within the lake high up, making it one of the tallest fountains in the world.

Just as my memory of 2005 of the main shopping street in Zurich on a lovely autumn Saturday, when folks dressed up with hats, furs and walking canes were enjoying the beautiful weather, the characters depicted in this design appear dressed elegantly for their "time out on the city", which adds further character to the "canvas" itself.

Finally, the scarf was issued in the "vintage-style" silk, in 70 cm x 70 cm.  The technique that renders the "picture" so lovely is unfortunately lost when the scarf is knotted, making it appear more like an ordinary scarf than anything extraordinary the Maison is known to have produced in the past.  Yet I perceive this design as a lovely exploration and experimentation.

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