Saturday, October 31, 2009

Collection FW2009: Hermès en Voyage

Today's post features a creation released as part of the Fall/Winter 2009 collection entitled "Hermes en Voyage". The scarf design was inspired by the style of Dang Ye, a Chinese painting artist whose creations, exposed at the 2006 Shanghai Art Expo, captured Pierre-Alexis Dumas' attention and interest (Hermes' co-artistic director). He recognized not only that his designs would make great scarf designs, but also that they encapsulate the "rhythms of China", particularly in this design.

The design depicts a flag-like pattern that gives a sense of motion despite the apparent geometry, thanks to the unevenness and remote randomness of the rows. The vibrant colours - crimson, fuchsia, lilac, purple - instill a fluidity into the pattern and the scarf, inviting the admirer to fondle it. The scarf also ties beautifully.

My appreciation for this scarf stems from my own experiences with the paintings of the late Romanian artist Gheorghe Pantelie. He was instilling dynamism into his creations by using a similar technique of drawing geometric patterns "in motion".

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