Saturday, March 21, 2009

Collection FW2008: Coupons Indiens

This scarf, designed by Aline Honore and issued in 2009 as part of Hermes' Indian theme, pays tribute to the infinite creativity in textiles - in terms of fabrics, patterns and colours. One of the many riches of India, fabrics - whether cotton or silk - come in a variety of styles: simple, ornate, printed, woven, embroidered and sequined and in countless imaginative patterns: floral, folk, geometric, abstract ..... "Coupons indiens", carrying us to a fabric strand at an Indian marketplace, lends the fabrics a tactile feel suggesting fluidity and suppleness.

Coupons indiens is a hymn to the colour, with its numerous tints - all produced from natural pigments. Colour is everywhere in India, vibrating with strength, brightness and a rich palette. It illuminates women's diaphanous, elegantly draped saris. It crowns men with dazzling turbans. Its symbolism adds a certain rhythm to life: red for joy, yellow for its promise of happiness, the sheer serenity of pure white.

With so many designs and colours, which one would you choose?

This scarf ties wonderfully, as the richness of the design instills a natural sophistication to the person who wears it. Perhaps even more impactful is the larger size variation of this scarf, in cashmere and silk, which allows the wearer to wrap it around the neck while the edges display, in all their splendour, the richness of the pattern. A true visual celebration, the scarf's vibrating character transcends the fabric to define the wearer beautifully !

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  1. I like the color and the "patchwork" style very Asian / Indian mix I love it... and the colors of course