Saturday, April 11, 2009

Collection FW2008: Beloved India

Like an enormous illustration, "Beloved India" pays tribute to the artisans who paint the earthen walls of Indian homes, a painting style characteristic of Indian folk art that is figurative, ornamental and very expressive: giant cartoons, picture-book illustrations and child-like frescoes.....

Still today, the tradition of painting elephants with decorative patterns for important celebrations lives on; the animals are adorned in rugs, embroidered ornaments, pompoms and fringes, right up to their richly decorated tusks and right down to their feet, which bear bracelets with small bells.

The tradition of painting everyday scenes on walls is still practiced. The designer's simple yet vivid style perfectly captures India's inviting warmth and vivacious character.


  1. so nice, it reminds me of Jim THompson silks, which is a Thai brand that has most of the stuff with elephants

  2. I wasn't aware, thank you ES ! I'll check those scarves out shortly.

  3. you know what? through your stories u make one will to have at list a Hermes scarf! U should ask for an advantage from Hermes. a huge discount or PR position:))))))!! When are u going to tell the bag story? pups doris

  4. haha, Doris darling, i'm deliriously delighted to hear from you and rest assured, the Kelly is on its way. the post is scheduled to be published on Jan 17 (can you wait till then?). Keep coming back, you won't be disappointed - and do let me know what your favourite scarf is.

    As for owning one, all you need is one to start your collection. And they are exquisite, the feel, the weight, the hems, the weave, the size, the colours, the knots, everything you can imagine - and then some !

    hugs back and stay tuned !